By-O-reg Feed Flavoring Agent for Poultry and Swine
Animal feed products by Advanced Ag Products are based on purely organic, herbal and natural products.

By-O-reg Feed Flavoring Agent

By-O-reg contains the following ingredients in a consistent formulation: Calcium carbonate and soybean hulls are used as flowing agents and dispersants, and the active flavoring agent, oregano oil is blended in and thoroughly mixed for even distribution. The oregano oil used is a very specific source that is approved for use in livestock feeds in Canada specifically as a flavoring ingredient. The final product is manufactured in an approved facility, using a set formulation.

Consult with your area feed specialist for additional feeding recommendations.  

Note:  The maximum addition rate is 500 grams/tonne complete feed.  

Store By-O-Reg feed flavoring agent in a cool and dry place, and use within two years from date of manufacture.