Animal feed products by Advanced Ag Products are based on purely organic, herbal and natural products.

About Advanced Ag Products

The founder of Advanced Ag Products, a life-long farmer with extensive experience in the poultry and swine industries, realized that although the industry would like to embrace natural alternatives to synthetic products, functionality and a return on investment were paramount.

Our Team

Kevin Van Beek- Chairman

Based in Hudson, SD, Kevin is a lifelong cattle farmer who has been working with essential oils and oregano in particular for over 15 years.

Chris Lester- Vice President Operations

A graduate of The United States Naval Academy, Chris is a retired Naval Aviator and major airline Captain. He has held numerous leadership positions in the US Navy, airlines, and in business. He presently spearheads Advanced Ag Products both domestically and internationally.

Steve Pugliese-Research and Development, Nutritional Support

Steve lives in the rolling agricultural pocket of Eastern Pennsylvania. He has extensive experience in manufacturing and research, providing innovative health products to the dairy, swine and poultry industries. His understanding of manufacturing and product development is a useful tool in the BYOREG educational program.

Dr. Guy Miller, PhD

Dr. Guy W. Miller attended Kansas State University and graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. He continued on in graduate work at Kansas State and obtained a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Anaerobic Microbiology in 1987. Guy has held positions in the technical field as well as management and executive areas for other companies before starting his own company, BioMatrix International in 1997.